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My Web Cam
     Check out my web cam. You may be surprised at what you see!
The Name Game*
     Here's a fun game to lighten up your day. Enter your name and find your silly name. Give it a try!
Twisted Text Word Finder!*
     A way to find that elusive 6-letter word to advance in your favorite twisted text game!

Here's a fun game to waste some time - it's called Light Switch. Try to change all the squares from black to yellow (turning on all the lights)

Another game - click and hold the red square and try not to let it touch the sides or the moving blocks.

"Spiritual Directory Assistance" - some scriptures to help with various conditions in life.

* - Web page programming written by me, Stephen Larsen, the PHP hack!

I hope to have more content on here soon, and if you have suggestions (nice ones!),



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